Since I was a child, animals always have had a special place in my heart. When I was young, my father brought home a rabbit for me. I named him Cuddles and he ended up being my first teacher. He taught me that animals need love and they give love right back. Cuddles was also very smart and knew his name. We formed a strong bond. I am very grateful to have had him in my life as a child.

Many years later, it was time to learn my next lesson. My husband and I adopted our first dog named Bailey. He quickly became a big part of our family. Unfortunately, Bailey developed skin and digestive issues as a puppy. He would become sick often. I would bring him to the vet who would give him medicine and tell us to feed him rice and chicken. His symptoms would go away, but within a short period of time they would return. I tried several different types of dog food but he would still have the same response. After much research, I discovered the right food for Bailey and all his symptoms went a way. I was amazed at how giving him the right diet made such a huge difference. In the years that followed, he rarely had to go to the vet except for his annual check-ups. He didn’t have to be on any medications through out his life. He was a great teacher and I was honored to have him in my life.

The two dogs I have now are also great teachers. My Chelsea was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor when she was about 4 years old. The specialist wanted to do radiation and amputate her tail. I decided not to put her through all that because I felt it would put a lot of stress on such a little body. I decided holistic treatment options would be the best way to treat Chelsea. Again, nutrition was always a first priority. Next I built a great team to help keep her immune system strong and help detox her body. I am extremely grateful and honored to say that she is 13 years old and so extremely happy she is part of our family. Actually, during one of her advance agility classes I was told that she is not only the oldest one in class, but also the fastest one in class. Very proud of her!!!

We adopted our other dog Darby a little over two years ago. I still remember when we decided it was time to bring another dog into our family. I decided to look online and there was this amazing dog that was just posted that day. I quickly sent my husband a picture of him to see what his thoughts were and he was on board with getting more information. We quickly learned that one thing we needed to do was learn about heartworm. Unfortunately, Darby was heartworm positive, but something was telling me that we needed to meet him. I’m very grateful that we decided to do so. He is an amazing dog and I decided to treat him with an appropriate diet and herbs. He is now heartworm negative and he is very healthy. I truly believe he also came into our lives to teach me about the power of nutrition and how the body really wants to heal itself when given the right tools and care.

With my personal experience and interest in nutrition, I wanted to help educate other pet parents so their animals can live healthier lives. I studied and completed training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and received a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist certificate and a Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist certificate through DNM university. I am continuing my education to obtain additional credentials in dog health.


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